Araceli Orozco

For Hayward School Board

Plain and simple

-Putting Our children first is my #1 priority

-Keep our Neighborhood Schools Open

-We need a parent voice on the board


My husband Eduardo and I moved to Hayward almost 30 years ago. We have six grandchildren, five children, four already graduated from Tennyson High School. Our youngest child is in third grade and currently attending Schafer Park Elementary. For the last 28 years, I have been a parent and a student advocate throughout Hayward public schools. I have also been a parent representative in different committees like, School Usage Design Team (SUDT), School Site Council (SSC), Site Base Decision Making (SBDM), District Advisory Committee (DAC), and I’m in my second term as the president of the District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC).

It's Time for Accountability

One of my biggest passions is to give parents the necessary tools so that they can navigate the school system and help their children succeed. Because of my involvement in the community, I know the greatest area of need. In order for all students to achieve high academic standards, we need to:

·Assess all students, evaluate Special ED students at an early age and have inclusion programs in all schools, look at the data, and put them in programs that will meet their diverse needs.

·Create an equitable, positive and safe environment for our students, parents and staff.

·Look deeply into budgetary issues and make sure that resources are directed to students first.

·Share accountability across the District which means Students, Parents, Staff, and especially Board Members. Share it with the ultimate goal of helping every student reach his or her own full potential.

Meet our youngest and our six grandchildren